The decision to select tiles for a given location is usually rewarded over time, because of their inherent warmth, vibrancy, durability and permanence, which is greater than many other surface coverings. We have manufactured and decorated many thousands of ceramic tiles over the years, for every kind of client and for almost every conceivable location. We do not stock tiles but rather produce batches, which are specially made and coloured to your specification.

We can offer an unparalleled range of bespoke rich glazes from our stock of over 80 raw pigments and oxides. With a little science, and some careful blending we can create colours of depth and complexity whether you require a transparent, opaque or a matt glaze. Although we can usually get a very close match glaze colours, particularly if they are transparent, do not conform to standard colour charts because we are dealing with a glass surface where some of the colour pigment is in suspension.

Our canvas then, the humble tile which we make or sometimes buy in, will certainly make your chosen colour look good. In addition, by changing the shape or size, adding texture or decoration, can also allow the glaze colour to develop further, creating depth and variation over the clay surface. In the heat of the kiln firing, we can take advantage of the fact that the glaze becomes molten glass and control how it flows and pools over a textured or shaped tile.

We are still driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries, so talk with us at Cartin Ceramics about developing your ideas, with the endless permutations, your imagination is the only limiting factor.  Click on any image to learn more.