We can replicate most special shaped bricks, brick slips (glazed or onglazed) and plain bricks, but will only produce limited quantities. We can also replicate ventilation blocks or pieces of decorative terracotta, roof tiles, ridge-tiles, ridge-tile inserts, roof finials, in fact, most clay items usually found on period buildings, once we have an original to work from, or good images from which to make drawings.  Many of these clay pieces would have been mass produced at the time and would have been catalogue items from various producers usually in the UK.  We also have a good number of images and reference material if a particular piece is needed without an original example from which to make an oversized model. The ‘master-block’ from which moulds are then made needs to be larger than the finished piece to accommodate the shrinkage that occurs during the drying and firing processes.

The quantities that we will produce then on a given project will depend upon a number of factors eg the number of pieces required, the complexity of the piece required, the kind of mould or templates that would be needed, clay colour matching, test firing, and the amount of lead-in time available.  Talk to us at Cartin Ceramics to see what is possible, we have a number of satisfied customers from over the years who had been searching in vain until they came to us.  Click on any image to learn more.