Some of the most successful signage and lettering, in any material, is often that which is integrated into a structure or a façade, as opposed to being applied afterwards. Ceramic signage must, by its nature, be part of a structure or be permanently secured to it. At the design stage then, early consideration should be given to what text or logo might be required, and the opportunity, if applicable, to make lettering an expressive component of a scheme.

There is a long history of ceramic signage, of one kind or another in almost all developed cultures, and often, in cultures that are lost, ceramic objects are all the artistic evidence that is left. We are all familiar with good examples of lettering on streetscapes, that work so well because they are an integral part of a building, in stone, concrete, glass, or metal. Talk to us at Cartin Ceramics to see what is possible, we can offer an unparalleled range, in style, color, finish, texture, and the opportunity to produce something of distinct character and permanence.