Mosaic has been with us, in one form or another, for at least 5,000 years, and refers to the art of creating an image from assembled 'tesserae', small pieces of coloured ceramics, glass or stone. It is found in many cultures and seems, like ceramic tilework, to somehow possess a sense of timelessness. Mosaic works are usually assembled on the bench, where the overall design is carefully divided in to numbered sections, which on completion are then transported, and pieced together on site. The discipline of designing and laying out panels of mosaic requires much rigorous work and consideration and can be quite labour intensive.

Apart from our involvement with a number of restoration projects in churches and public buildings, where we sometimes have had to manufacture special pieces, we have also designed and installed a number of more contemporary works both for residential and commercial clients. This form of floor or wall covering, whether formal, random or in conjunction with ceramic tiles, may provide the answer to a particular design challenge, so get in touch to see just what we can produce. Below are a few of the larger panels on which we have worked.  Click on any image to learn more or get in touch.