Hello and welcome to Cartin Ceramics.  We are specialists in the design and the manufacture of tiles and architectural ceramics, we also provide a range of other related services.  Apart from traditional and restoration work, we welcome the opportunity to work with clients to explore and develop new ideas.  We are located in Dublin 7 near the city centre and have been trading since 1985, studio visits can be arranged by appointment only.

The use of ceramics in building in its many guises has ancient origins.  Since the very beginning, clay has been the most widely used building material, from the humble handmade brick to today’s large highly polished porcelain cladding slabs and everything in between. Over the years we at Cartin Ceramics have responded to a vast range of requests, some more challenging than others, and it is these challenges that keep us motivated.

In the never-ending search for new ideas, finishes, and expressive components, many architects and designers are rediscovering this humble material and recognising its endless possibilities.  We are keen to engage with any design scheme and explore ideas you may have for this most versatile and marvelous of materials.  

Terry Cartin

Cartin Ceramics was founded by Terry Cartin in 1985, to cater for a demand in a number of specialist ceramic disciplines that were not widely available in Ireland.  Coming originally from County Derry, he graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, specializing in tiles and large-scale ceramics.  Terry also studied screen printing and ornamental plasterwork restoration and conservation at the Dublin Institute of Technology.  After his participation in the Architectural Ceramics segment of the 1983 European Crafts Council Symposium in Dublin, he was invited to work and study in Gothenburg with Swedish designer and ceramicist Lillemor Petersson.  Through the UK Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society and other ceramic networks he has spent time at a number of large-scale ceramics manufacturers, gleaning knowledge of this specialist area of ceramic design and production.  In addition to architecture, art and design, Terry is interested in a wide range of related disciplines.

Technical Assistance

Over time we have had exciting opportunities to provide technical and production assistance for various art and design projects and installations in Ireland and abroad.  Frequently artists, sculptors and designers in general, develop ideas for ceramic works, but may not have the in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the material, its possibilities and its limitations.  Many aspects of ceramic work, whether in design, mould making, glazing, firing, or production in general, can only be attained with years of experience, so we are happy to engage with other artists and designers to provide this kind of service and back-up support.    

Mould Making Service

The making of ceramic products for building, whether they be contemporary or traditional, almost always involves the use of moulds and the creation of ‘master blocks’, with varying degrees of complexity.  Apart from traditional plaster of paris moulds and blocks, there is a large range of other materials that are available. We have applied experience in their use and various applications. For example, hemihydrate and flasking plasters, fiberglass, resin, Isaopon, silicone, latex, and hot melt rubbers have all been used by us for large and small projects.  Subsequently we have made a range of moulds and products for other companies and people engaged with art and design works, restoration, landscaping, film, advertising, and theatre projects.